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The States We Visit on the Wild West Challenge

arizona photos

Five states, lots of fun. On the Wild West Challenge driving challenge we celebrate the open road, and the freedom that the American West still offers travelers. However, that doesn’t mean we go without a plan. We have a route which ensures we cram in all the best spots. And in our 12 […]

Magnificent Moab and Arches National Park


The weird and wonderful American West. On the Wild West Challenge, we pass through numerous states and see some frankly astonishing nature. From Yosemite to Joshua Tree, Kodachrome Basin to the Grand Canyon, the American West is packed with unusual landscapes of awe-inspiring scale. One of our favourite areas is Moab, in […]

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

grand staircase escalante

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is smaller than it used to be. On the Wild West Challenge, as we take the ultimate road trip through the Western United States, we see a lot of incredible nature. You think might that the locals would be understandably proud of the varied and impressive […]

Stunning Photos of Utah

photos of utah

Check out these incredible photos of Utah. The Wild West Challenge minimal assistance adventure rally, some of the most dramatic scenery we pass is in the state of Utah. Red Rock, towering mountains and stunning canyons, Utah is a nature-lover’s paradise. Here are some of our favourite photos of Utah. Photo […]

Nice Bright Colors: Kodachrome Basin

kodachrome basin

Welcome to Kodachrome Basin State Park, famous for its colourful sandstone chimneys. Photo by Photographersnature   Kodachrome Basin is one of the many sensational natural sights that greet participants of the Wild West Challenge. In Southern Utah, it offers stunning vistas of red sandstone chimneys set against a background of blue […]

When Did the Wild West States Join the Union?

join the union

We ask when the states on the Wild West Challenge actually joined the USA.   The states visited on the Wild West Challenge — California, Utah, and Nevada — nowadays seem as as American as any. However, they were all relatively late joiners to the union: California waited a lifetime after […]

Top Ten Tips for Taking Photos of the Milky Way in the Desert

The Milky Way

As you traverse the many deserts that your Wild West Challenge takes you through, miles from any light pollution, you’ll get to glimpse of our gorgeous galaxy at nightfall every night. They myriads of stars twinkling above almost beg to be photographed, but as anyone who’s ever pointed their phone […]

US Route 50: America’s Loneliest Road

Imagine the iconic road trip through the West of America: you and your car driving through a straight road that gets lost in the horizon, stunning landscapes surrounding you and no one else to share it with: the road is yours. You don’t have to just imagine it: the US […]

Say it Like a Native – Useful Slang Phrases for the Wild West Challenge

Our adventure road trip trough the Wild West, the Wild West Challenge, will take you across the south west of the United States, crossing in the way the states of Utah, California, Nevada and Arizona. As English can vary from place to place in the States, it is time to […]