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Mesa Verde National Park

mesa verde

Mesa Verde National Park is an underrated treasure. The Wild West Challenge will visit some of the most remote parts of the American West; some of the most beautiful nature in the nation; and, occasionally, come across remarkable historical sights. At Mesa Verde National Park, all three combine: here you can […]

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

grand staircase escalante

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is smaller than it used to be. On the Wild West Challenge, as we take the ultimate road trip through the Western United States, we see a lot of incredible nature. You think might that the locals would be understandably proud of the varied and impressive […]

Photos of Amazing Arizona

arizona lonely planet

Arizona is a great place to take a photo. On the Wild West Challenge, we love the thrill of the open road, but occasionally it’s nice to stop for a photo. And there aren’t many places better for stunning nature photography than Arizona: not only is it home to the […]

Why We Love Nevada

nevada photos

Nevada isn’t just Las Vegas. The Wild West Challenge begins in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, in California. It then travels through Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada, before eventually concluding in the City of Sin, Las Vegas. While everyone knows the world capital of gambling, Nevada has a lot more […]

What Did Cowboys Eat?

what did cowboys eat

What did cowboys eat? On the Wild West Challenge you’ll be driving around America’s West, rather than galloping, and it isn’t quite as wild as it used to be. However, you’ll still be following in the footsteps of cowboys, and the open road does lend itself to similar feelings of freedom. […]

The Very Pretty Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

humbolt nevada

Introducing the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Featured Photo by Famartin   The Wild West Challenge is a minimal assistance adventure challenge between two of America’s most notorious cities — Los Angeles and Las Vegas — but, in between, participants will also pass some truly incredible nature. From otherworldly lakes to colorful deserts, teams visit some astonishing scenery, […]

Discover the Wild West: Nevada’s Clown Motel

clown motel

Introducing Nevada’s Clown Motel. Photo by Ken Lund   The West may be wild, but it’s also… weird. In Nevada, one of the states visited by the Wild West Challenge, there is a small town by the name of Tonopah. Halfway between Reno and Las Vegas, the population is barely […]

The Top Five Movies Set in the Wild West

best movies set in the wild west

Here’s what we think are the top five movies set in the Wild West. The Wild West Challenge minimal assistance adventure takes almost two weeks and covers over 3000 miles, as teams drive from the City of Angels to the City of Sin. With participants leaving from Hollywood, and driving through […]

Yellowstone’s Tourist-Killing Geysers Strike Again

tourist-killing geysers

Did you know that Yellowstone National Park, in the US state of Wyoming, is home to tourist-killing geysers? A twenty-three year-old tourist has died in Yellowstone National Park, falling victim to the area’s tourist-killing geysers. Colin Scott, visiting the park with his sister Sable, was trying to check the temperature […]