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Photos of Amazing Arizona

28 November 2017
arizona lonely planet

Arizona is a great place to take a photo.

On the Wild West Challenge, we love the thrill of the open road, but occasionally it’s nice to stop for a photo. And there aren’t many places better for stunning nature photography than Arizona: not only is it home to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, it’s also one of Lonely Planet’s Top Value destinations for 2018! Here are some of our favourite photos of the state.

Photo by Wing-Chi Poon


Amazing Arizona


There’s a lot to see.



arizona lonely planet

Photo by Sheila Sund

Sometimes it looks almost like Africa.


arizona photo

Sometimes it looks like another planet…




Arizona really has everything.



And if you want to move there, we know the perfect place.


The Open Road

arizona photos

Just what we like to see on the Wild West Challenge.


Monument Valley

arizona photo

Photo by Gleb Tarro

It can look surreal.

arizona photo

Photo by Moyan Brenn

Just like the Westerns.


arizona photos

Arizona looks even better during lightening.


arizona photos

And rainbows…


Crazy Rocks

photos of arizona


arizona photos

And crazy light.


And (Of Course) the Grand Canyon

One of the most dramatic sights on earth.


Does it look even better in fog?



Horseshoe Bend, an incredible spot.


WWC blog 2019


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