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Kaibab National Forest

21 February 2018

Kaibab National Forest is yet another hidden treasure.

Photo by U.S. Forest Service

On the Wild West Challenge, we see a side of American that most travellers don’t. Sure, we will enjoy the classic road trip experience, revelling in the open road and classic motel culture. However, we also explore natural treasures, and there are so many along our route. One relatively unknown area is Kaibab National Forest, home to dramatic vistas, leaves of many colours, and, on occasion, fire.


Kaibab National Forest

Kaibab National Forest is made up of Northern and Southern sections, separated by the Grand Canyon. However, this is a world away from the crowds of that famous landmark. Instead, Kaibab is the perfect place for solitude, exploration, and seeing wildlife.


Leaves of Many Colours

Of course, it’s a forest, so the best attraction of Kaibab is its trees. The species of tree vary with elevation, and, naturally, the appearance changes throughout the year. Thus, no matter when you visit, or where in the National Park (which covers 1.6 million acres) you are, you are guaranteed a different experience.

What To See

Mostly, we recommend taking the chance to relax in the wilderness, and to escape the summer Arizona heat. Take a walk in the forest, go for a climb, or sit by a lake. For the adventurous, you can seek out deer, elk, and (though this would probably be unwise) black bears.


Fire Danger

The Kaibab National Forest does have one downside, however. Like any large forest in the very hot American West, it is always a fire risk. In dry years these can be devastating, but at least the locals are used to dealing with it. In any case, please don’t do anything silly like tossing still-warm cigarettes or matches on the ground!


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