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Grand Canyon

What to Expect on the Wild West Challenge

arizona photos

The Wild West Challenge will be a classic American road trip. There’s only one way to explore the American West: by road. Travelling by car is an essential American experience, made all the more important by the vast and remote of the continent. The Wild West Challenge is the perfect way […]

Photos of Amazing Arizona

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Arizona is a great place to take a photo. On the Wild West Challenge, we love the thrill of the open road, but occasionally it’s nice to stop for a photo. And there aren’t many places better for stunning nature photography than Arizona: not only is it home to the […]

Stunning Photos of Utah

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Check out these incredible photos of Utah. The Wild West Challenge minimal assistance adventure rally, some of the most dramatic scenery we pass is in the state of Utah. Red Rock, towering mountains and stunning canyons, Utah is a nature-lover’s paradise. Here are some of our favourite photos of Utah. Photo […]

What are the Best Grand Canyon Photos?

Best Gran Canyon photos

Are the best Grand Canyon photos from above, below, of winter, bright sunshine, or something else? No trip to the United States is complete without visiting the Grand Canyon. It represents the country very well: it’s unfathomably big, incredibly impressive, and yet sort of confusing. And everyone has heard of it. […]

Indian Legends about the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most imposing a breathtaking landmarks in North America- but how was such a huge natural structure created? The Native American tribes that have been living in its cliffs for centuries have their own legends regarding the canyon, stories that have been passed through […]