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What to Expect on the Wild West Challenge

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The Wild West Challenge will be a classic American road trip. There’s only one way to explore the American West: by road. Travelling by car is an essential American experience, made all the more important by the vast and remote of the continent. The Wild West Challenge is the perfect way […]

Our Favorite Photos of California

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These photos of California will make you want to visit the Golden State. The Wild West Challenge begins by exploring the California, both its incredible nature and some of its buzzing cities. On our exciting journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas we’ll pass much spectacular nature, and some of the […]

Why We Love San Diego

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Sun, sea, surf… and more. Here’s why we love San Diego. San Diego is one of the first cities we pass on the Wild West Challenge. The birthplace of California, the United States’ eighth largest city somehow still seems relaxed. Its beaches, many attractions, and weather, often said to be […]

Seven Fun Things to Do and See in San Diego, California


So you’ve made this trip, and find yourself in Sunny Sun Diego, your second stop on your Wild West Challenge. What can we say? You’ve barely begun and the world is already your oyster. See below seven fun things to do and see in San Diego! Photo by The Decipher

Food you need to try in California

Californian cuisine goes from the favourite dishes of the miners in the old days’ Gold Rush, to the trendiest fusions with Mexican and even Japanese traditional dishes. Including a lot of fresh seafood from the West Coast, awesome white wines, and, of course, the always-American own style of pizza! These […]