Alicia Alvarez

US Route 50: America’s Loneliest Road

Imagine the iconic road trip through the West of America: you and your car driving through a straight road that gets lost in the horizon, stunning landscapes surrounding you and no one else to share it with: the road is yours. You don’t have to just imagine it: the US […]

Food you need to try in California

Californian cuisine goes from the favourite dishes of the miners in the old days’ Gold Rush, to the trendiest fusions with Mexican and even Japanese traditional dishes. Including a lot of fresh seafood from the West Coast, awesome white wines, and, of course, the always-American own style of pizza! These […]

Legends about the Lake Tahoe – Stories of Monsters and Mafiosos.

Lake Tahoe, the largest freshwater lake in the state of California, is surrounded by all kinds of stories and rumors about its existence and about what may lie under its dark waters. From a secret mob graveyard to the home of a dangerous and unknown creature, Lake Tahoe keeps being […]

Wild West Fauna

The deserts and canyons of Utah, California, Nevada and Arizona have a wide variety of unique animals. Get to discover some of the most interesting fellows you might meet during an adventure trip in the Wild West!   Black Bear – The Shy Giant   Black bears are common in […]

Say it Like a Native – Useful Slang Phrases for the Wild West Challenge

Our adventure road trip trough the Wild West, the Wild West Challenge, will take you across the south west of the United States, crossing in the way the states of Utah, California, Nevada and Arizona. As English can vary from place to place in the States, it is time to […]

The Amazing Jeep Trails of Moab

If you always dreamed with driving you car across incredible routes, challenging your driving skills with obstacles and rocks, but finding in the way amazing views and landscapes plus the adrenaline of driving through awesome trails, welcome to Moab: the most amazing Jeep trails you will ever see in a […]

Indian Legends about the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most imposing a breathtaking landmarks in North America- but how was such a huge natural structure created? The Native American tribes that have been living in its cliffs for centuries have their own legends regarding the canyon, stories that have been passed through […]

The Hoodoos of Goblin Valley State Park

Driving on a road trip through the Wild West in Utah, you can’t help but find the amazing Goblin Valley State Park: a huge, reddish valley surrounded by sharp cliffs with a particular hype: the so called goblins, or mushroom shaped hoodoos! Cover Photo: Patrick Lienin/Shutterstock The Goblin Valley State Park […]

The King of the Mountain: Bryce Canyon Mountain Lions

With piercing clear eyes and golden fur, the mountain lions are the silent and classy kings of Southern Utah. They hike and hunt through the impressive reddish clings of Bryce Canyon (one of the stunning places you will go across our amazing adventure rally through the Wild West), although just […]