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Top Ten Tips for Taking Photos of the Milky Way in the Desert

The Milky Way

As you traverse the many deserts that your Wild West Challenge takes you through, miles from any light pollution, you’ll get to glimpse of our gorgeous galaxy at nightfall every night. They myriads of stars twinkling above almost beg to be photographed, but as anyone who’s ever pointed their phone […]

Desert Christ Park: A Kitsch Hunter’s Paradise Deep in Yucca Valley

If you’ve seen our last piece on one man’s deeply private record of his relationship with divinity and the eternal, this is about as far as you could get from it in terms of purpose, style, and, well, state of repair. Yes: this, dear reader, is the goose bump-inducing spectre […]

Lake Jennings: a Gentle Start to a Roaring Adventure

Lake Jennings

About 23 miles from downtown San Diego, at the precise intersection of the manmade and the natural worlds, lies the lovely gem of Lake Jennings. It is an 9800-acre-foot capacity reservoir that although man-made, is also a haven of wildlife-spotting, camping and fishing, and works as an excellent warm-up for […]

The Hoodoos of Goblin Valley State Park

Driving on a road trip through the Wild West in Utah, you can’t help but find the amazing Goblin Valley State Park: a huge, reddish valley surrounded by sharp cliffs with a particular hype: the so called goblins, or mushroom shaped hoodoos! Cover Photo: Patrick Lienin/Shutterstock The Goblin Valley State Park […]