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Joshua tree National Park

Joshua Tree: Tree, Park, Town, Legend

joshua tree

Is this American’s most famous tree? The Wild West Challenge is a road trip challenge all the way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. On the second day of our adventure, we pass by a national park, the name of which will likely be familiar,  whether you are a lover of […]

Desert Driving Tips: How to Make Your Trip Smooth and Safe – Part One

desert driving

California’s deserts — Death Valley, the Mojave, Owens Valley, etc. — are breathtakingly beautiful, and form a large part of California; they’re also accessible, as long as you use some common sense and take a few precautions before you set off. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of driving through […]

Top Hiking Spots in Joshua Tree National Park: Ryan Mountain

Ryan mountain

Ryan Mountain will give you arguably the best single-spot view of Joshua Tree National Park. On a clear day, you can enjoy views of Mounts San Gorgonio and San Jacinto, as well as of the Salton Sea. A huge favorite among hikers. Photo by american_rugbier

Top Hiking Spots in Joshua Tree National Park: Pine City Trail

Pine city trail

This hike in our series meanders around one of the park’s few verdant areas (its name means “the place of springs and grass”). Pine City trail is often overshadowed by the more prominent Ryan Mountain Trail or the more accessible Barker Dam Trail. But, in fact, this is one of Joshua […]

Top Hiking Spots in Joshua Tree National Park: The Barker Dam

The barker Dam

Continuing our mini-series on top hiking trails in Joshua Tree National Park, today we’ll be visiting the Barker Dam, adjacent to the Wall Street Mill we wrote about last time. This easy and short trail is also suitable for beginners or as a last-minute stroll before the sun goes down. […]

Top Hiking Spots in Joshua Tree National Park: Wall Street Mill

wonderland of rocks

As the great vistas of Joshua Tree National Park gradually open up to you, you might be tempted to simply throw yourself into its vast expanses and soak up the beauty of it all. “But where to begin?” You might ask a little later, not unreasonably. Fret not, for we’ve […]

Top Ten Tips for Taking Photos of the Milky Way in the Desert

The Milky Way

As you traverse the many deserts that your Wild West Challenge takes you through, miles from any light pollution, you’ll get to glimpse of our gorgeous galaxy at nightfall every night. They myriads of stars twinkling above almost beg to be photographed, but as anyone who’s ever pointed their phone […]

Joshua Tree National Park Hike: Hidden Valley

Hidden valley

As you leave the Salton Sea behind, you’ll see the park’s 794,000 acres ahead beckon you on with the breathtaking scenery of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. An adventure-seekers paradise full of winding trails, peaks and dramatic views, it begs to be explored; we have picked our top hike of […]

Artist’s Drive, Death Valley: Millennia Immortalised in Color


If you’ve found the spot we dubbed Arizona Bay and soaked yourself back to full vigor there, you should be ready for more beauty of the scenic kind, the sort that takes your breath away at every turn of your steering wheel. Welcome to the nine-mile stretch known as Artist’s […]

Saline Valley Hot Springs: an Oasis in Death Valley

In case you thought they may sound too good to be true, these hot springs really are what they say on the tin: a hard-to-find oasis in a desolate corner of Death Valley National Park. The three springs are surrounded by palm trees in the middle of the arid Saline […]