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Los Angeles

The States We Visit on the Wild West Challenge

arizona photos

Five states, lots of fun. On the Wild West Challenge driving challenge we celebrate the open road, and the freedom that the American West still offers travelers. However, that doesn’t mean we go without a plan. We have a route which ensures we cram in all the best spots. And in our 12 […]

Our Favorite Photos of California

photos of california

These photos of California will make you want to visit the Golden State. The Wild West Challenge begins by exploring the California, both its incredible nature and some of its buzzing cities. On our exciting journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas we’ll pass much spectacular nature, and some of the […]

When Did the Wild West States Join the Union?

join the union

We ask when the states on the Wild West Challenge actually joined the USA.   The states visited on the Wild West Challenge — California, Utah, and Nevada — nowadays seem as as American as any. However, they were all relatively late joiners to the union: California waited a lifetime after […]

Villa Anita in Death Valley: The Lap of Ludicrity

Villa Anita

Heard the one about three men on a train going coast to coast? Now imagine they are in fact Ikea, oddball Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, and your crankier gran in one of her more expressive moods, tasked to design the perfect holiday resort. Good, now if you just add the […]

Eight Things We Bet You Never Knew About Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Let’s face it: your Wild West Challenge couldn’t kick off in a more iconic place than Los Angeles. Its countless glittering faces continue to be celebrated, documented, yearned for in a myriad ways around the world; indeed, you’d be hard pushed to find anyone within reach of an internet cable […]

Food you need to try in California

Californian cuisine goes from the favourite dishes of the miners in the old days’ Gold Rush, to the trendiest fusions with Mexican and even Japanese traditional dishes. Including a lot of fresh seafood from the West Coast, awesome white wines, and, of course, the always-American own style of pizza! These […]

Wild West Fauna

The deserts and canyons of Utah, California, Nevada and Arizona have a wide variety of unique animals. Get to discover some of the most interesting fellows you might meet during an adventure trip in the Wild West!   Black Bear – The Shy Giant   Black bears are common in […]