The Amazing Jeep Trails of Moab

If you always dreamed with driving you car across incredible routes, challenging your driving skills with obstacles and rocks, but finding in the way amazing views and landscapes plus the adrenaline of driving through awesome trails, welcome to Moab: the most amazing Jeep trails you will ever see in a […]

Indian Legends about the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most imposing a breathtaking landmarks in North America- but how was such a huge natural structure created? The Native American tribes that have been living in its cliffs for centuries have their own legends regarding the canyon, stories that have been passed through […]

The Hoodoos of Goblin Valley State Park

Driving on a road trip through the Wild West in Utah, you can’t help but find the amazing Goblin Valley State Park: a huge, reddish valley surrounded by sharp cliffs with a particular hype: the so called goblins, or mushroom shaped hoodoos! Cover Photo: Patrick Lienin/Shutterstock The Goblin Valley State Park […]

The King of the Mountain: Bryce Canyon Mountain Lions

With piercing clear eyes and golden fur, the mountain lions are the silent and classy kings of Southern Utah. They hike and hunt through the impressive reddish clings of Bryce Canyon (one of the stunning places you will go across our amazing adventure rally through the Wild West), although just […]

The Curse of the Spanish Gold Treasure of the Henry Mountains.

We all love legends about lost treasures and secret stashes of gold waiting to be found- but, as tempting as it can be, some treasures are better to be left untouched. That may be the case for the legendary treasure of the gold mine Josephine de Martinique in the Henry […]

The Ghost Town of Old Frisco

If you walk through the empty, dusty streets of the abandoned ghost town of Frisco, it is hard to believe that it was once the place we all imagine when thinking about a road trip through the Wild West: piles of gold and silver running around, fights in the street […]

The Treasure of the San Juan Mountains

Who didn’t dream at least once of finding a secret treasure that could change your life forever? If there is a place where that could happen, then it is the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. These huge, high series of mountains (that belong to the group of the Rocky Mountains […]