Arizona Chosen as a Top Value Destination!

Arizona is a surprisingly cheap place to visit. The Lonely Planet Best in Travel guide is an annual treasure of recommendations by the world’s most trusted travel experts. Yesterday it was revealed that Arizona, which we will visit on the Wild West Challenge, has been selected as one of the best value destinations […]

What Did Cowboys Eat?

what did cowboys eat

What did cowboys eat? On the Wild West Challenge you’ll be driving around America’s West, rather than galloping, and it isn’t quite as wild as it used to be. However, you’ll still be following in the footsteps of cowboys, and the open road does lend itself to similar feelings of freedom. […]

Bourbon: The Ultimate American Drink

There’s no more authentic Wild Western drink. On the Wild West Challenge, after a long day driving through the scenic and historic American West, you will more than likely settle down to relax with a drink. And what else would you drink other than a glass (or two) of American bourbon? […]

Stunning Photos of Utah

photos of utah

Check out these incredible photos of Utah. The Wild West Challenge minimal assistance adventure rally, some of the most dramatic scenery we pass is in the state of Utah. Red Rock, towering mountains and stunning canyons, Utah is a nature-lover’s paradise. Here are some of our favourite photos of Utah. Photo […]

Our Favorite Photos of California

photos of california

These photos of California will make you want to visit the Golden State. The Wild West Challenge begins by exploring the California, both its incredible nature and some of its buzzing cities. On our exciting journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas we’ll pass much spectacular nature, and some of the […]

The Very Pretty Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

humbolt nevada

Introducing the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Featured Photo by Famartin   The Wild West Challenge is a minimal assistance adventure challenge between two of America’s most notorious cities — Los Angeles and Las Vegas — but, in between, participants will also pass some truly incredible nature. From otherworldly lakes to colorful deserts, teams visit some astonishing scenery, […]

Why We Love San Diego

love san diego

Sun, sea, surf… and more. Here’s why we love San Diego. San Diego is one of the first cities we pass on the Wild West Challenge. The birthplace of California, the United States’ eighth largest city somehow still seems relaxed. Its beaches, many attractions, and weather, often said to be […]

Nice Bright Colors: Kodachrome Basin

kodachrome basin

Welcome to Kodachrome Basin State Park, famous for its colourful sandstone chimneys. Photo by Photographersnature   Kodachrome Basin is one of the many sensational natural sights that greet participants of the Wild West Challenge. In Southern Utah, it offers stunning vistas of red sandstone chimneys set against a background of blue […]

Discover the Wild West: Nevada’s Clown Motel

clown motel

Introducing Nevada’s Clown Motel. Photo by Ken Lund   The West may be wild, but it’s also… weird. In Nevada, one of the states visited by the Wild West Challenge, there is a small town by the name of Tonopah. Halfway between Reno and Las Vegas, the population is barely […]

When Did the Wild West States Join the Union?

join the union

We ask when the states on the Wild West Challenge actually joined the USA.   The states visited on the Wild West Challenge — California, Utah, and Nevada — nowadays seem as as American as any. However, they were all relatively late joiners to the union: California waited a lifetime after […]