Wild West Challenge

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Saline Valley Hot Springs: an Oasis in Death Valley

In case you thought they may sound too good to be true, these hot springs really are what they say on the tin: a hard-to-find […]

The Mojave Phone Booth: a Desert Enigma That Lives On

Mojave phone booth

Joshua Tree National Park’s third manmade wonder, Mojave Phone Booth, is in a class of its own, for not only was it one of the […]

Eight Things We Bet You Never Knew About Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Let’s face it: your Wild West Challenge couldn’t kick off in a more iconic place than Los Angeles. Its countless glittering faces continue to be […]

Joshua Tree National Park: Twentynine Palms, a Town with a Hidden Treasure

As you speed off with Salton Sea slowly receding in your rear view mirror, make the hairpin bend by Palm Desert, and swoop around Eagle […]

Lake Jennings: a Gentle Start to a Roaring Adventure

Lake Jennings

About 23 miles from downtown San Diego, at the precise intersection of the manmade and the natural worlds, lies the lovely gem of Lake Jennings. […]

Seven Fun Things to Do and See in San Diego, California


So you’ve made this trip, and find yourself in Sunny Sun Diego, your second stop on your Wild West Challenge. What can we say? You’ve […]

US Route 50: America’s Loneliest Road

Imagine the iconic road trip through the West of America: you and your car driving through a straight road that gets lost in the horizon, […]