Top Hiking Spots in Joshua Tree National Park: Wall Street Mill

wonderland of rocks

As the great vistas of Joshua Tree National Park gradually open up to you, you might be tempted to simply throw yourself into its vast expanses and soak up the beauty of it all. “But where to begin?” You might ask a little later, not unreasonably. Fret not, for we’ve […]

Top Ten Tips for Taking Photos of the Milky Way in the Desert

The Milky Way

As you traverse the many deserts that your Wild West Challenge takes you through, miles from any light pollution, you’ll get to glimpse of our gorgeous galaxy at nightfall every night. They myriads of stars twinkling above almost beg to be photographed, but as anyone who’s ever pointed their phone […]

Joshua Tree National Park Hike: Hidden Valley

Hidden valley

As you leave the Salton Sea behind, you’ll see the park’s 794,000 acres ahead beckon you on with the breathtaking scenery of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. An adventure-seekers paradise full of winding trails, peaks and dramatic views, it begs to be explored; we have picked our top hike of […]

Villa Anita in Death Valley: The Lap of Ludicrity

Villa Anita

Heard the one about three men on a train going coast to coast? Now imagine they are in fact Ikea, oddball Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, and your crankier gran in one of her more expressive moods, tasked to design the perfect holiday resort. Good, now if you just add the […]

Artist’s Drive, Death Valley: Millennia Immortalised in Color


If you’ve found the spot we dubbed Arizona Bay and soaked yourself back to full vigor there, you should be ready for more beauty of the scenic kind, the sort that takes your breath away at every turn of your steering wheel. Welcome to the nine-mile stretch known as Artist’s […]

Saline Valley Hot Springs: an Oasis in Death Valley

In case you thought they may sound too good to be true, these hot springs really are what they say on the tin: a hard-to-find oasis in a desolate corner of Death Valley National Park. The three springs are surrounded by palm trees in the middle of the arid Saline […]

The Mojave Phone Booth: a Desert Enigma That Lives On

Mojave phone booth

Joshua Tree National Park’s third manmade wonder, Mojave Phone Booth, is in a class of its own, for not only was it one of the first examples of viral fame found at the intersection of the virtual and real worlds, but also, in a way, of life after death. Photo […]

Eight Things We Bet You Never Knew About Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Let’s face it: your Wild West Challenge couldn’t kick off in a more iconic place than Los Angeles. Its countless glittering faces continue to be celebrated, documented, yearned for in a myriad ways around the world; indeed, you’d be hard pushed to find anyone within reach of an internet cable […]

Desert Christ Park: A Kitsch Hunter’s Paradise Deep in Yucca Valley

If you’ve seen our last piece on one man’s deeply private record of his relationship with divinity and the eternal, this is about as far as you could get from it in terms of purpose, style, and, well, state of repair. Yes: this, dear reader, is the goose bump-inducing spectre […]

Joshua Tree National Park: Twentynine Palms, a Town with a Hidden Treasure

As you speed off with Salton Sea slowly receding in your rear view mirror, make the hairpin bend by Palm Desert, and swoop around Eagle Mountain and Joshua Tree National Park, you head for Twentynine Palms, a welcoming desert town on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park with an […]